Pond hopping

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I can't quite believe that this day has come, but...

I just bought a one-way ticket to England.  As in, I am moving to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY.  For at least 2 years.  (Insert minor freakout here)  Come September, I'll be hopping the pond and moving to England for grad school.

I'm feeling a lot of excitement mixed with a pinch of nervousness...and joy...and terror...and elation...and, well, you get the point.


ME said...

Hello again! So you plannnig to move to England this September?! All the best ! But what you planning to do exactly, I mean what are you gonna study?

Denise Lindquist - Online PhD Schools said...

Wow, that’s really brave and amazing of you in trying new things and exploring something you have never done before. I think it’ll be great. England will be perfect for you, I believe. Anyway, just savor the moment and enjoy life to the fullest wherever it may take you. Good luck!

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